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World                                     consumption as opposed to a product     The aim of the meeting is to create a
Economic                                  or industry.                            new type of international organisation
Forum Annual                                                                      that acts as a bridge builder and
Meeting 2016                              The first Industrial Revolution used    serves as a strategic platform for
                                          water and steam power to mechanise      the world around it. Attending will
From 20th to 23rd January, the            production. The Second used electric    be truly global leaders who have
          annual WEF will take place      power to create mass production. The    the power to make change, achieve
          in Davos, Switzerland. The      Third used electronics and information  mutual understanding and, where
 meeting provides an unparalleled         technology to automate production.      appropriate, push action forward.
 platform for design, creation and        Now this Fourth one is upon us and      Leaders and thinkers such as Sir Tim
 collaboration for global leaders         is evolving at an exponential rather    Berners-Lee and Erik Brynjolfsson,
 across all disciplines to advance        than a linear pace. Moreover it is      who focus on the IT element of
 multiple agendas. The theme this         disrupting almost every industry in     this revolution, along with Hans
 year focuses on the global imperative    every country. The opportunity of       Rosling who researches the benefits
 of Mastering the Fourth Industrial       billions of people to be connected      of sharing data to improve health
 Revolution. This revolution is distinct  by mobile devices, with hitherto        outcomes, have all been part of
 from previous ones in that it affects    unseen quantities of processing         the WEF. Other visionaries have
 the transformation of entire systems     power, storage capacity and access      contributed to the proceedings such
 of production, distribution and          to knowledge, are unlimited. This is    as Wolfgang Ischinger on the area
                                          truly shifting the power of the few to  of global security and Dambisa Moyo
                                          the power of the many and is without    and Nouriel Roubini on the topic of
                                          doubt the greatest disruptor we have    global economic analysis. n
                                          ever witnessed.

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