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2016 – a world
in flames?

“Our ability to address global
threats will – at the end of the day
– depend on U.S. leadership.”

confrontation is costly.                 foreign political event in 2016. The
                                         next President of the United States
Clear political direction should be      will be instrumental for the prospect of
coupled with an increase in military     restoring stability in Syria, eliminating
spending. For years Europe has           Islamic State and bridging the
profited from the peace dividend which   increasing divide between Sunni and
emerged in the wake of the end of the    Shia Muslims. While re-assessing the
cold war. Today we are faced with new    Western approach towards Russia and
challenges which require that NATO       re-balancing the relationship with Asia
member states increase their defence     – without hampering the relationship
budgets to meet the 2 per cent           with China.
threshold agreed at the NATO Summit
in Wales in 2014.                        This is a daunting task, but the West
                                         cannot stand idly by. Inaction is also
Our ability to address global threats    an action; and the vacuum will be filled
will – at the end of the day –           with bad guys and misery. n
depend on U.S. leadership. The U.S.
presidential election, in November this
year, is therefore the single biggest

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