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Ray Hammond

Europe's Most Experienced Futurologist

Ray Hammond is Europe's most experienced and most widely published futurologist. For over 30 years he has researched, written and spoken about how future trends will affect society and business. As faster technological innovation, globalization and the environmental challenge continue to be priorities Ray is one of a few commentators equipped to explain how these massive challenges will affect our futures, the way we do business and the far reaching implications socially, economically and politically.

A futurologist proved accurate by over three decades of predictions

Ray Hammond

In detail

Ray started his career as a successful serial entrepreneur. In 1974 he co-founded the company that today owns and operates the British television outlet Channel 5 and publications including The Daily Express, The Daily Star and OK! After selling his shareholding advantageously in that company he founded and led International Magazines plc which he later sold to EMAP International in a multi-million pound deal. In 2010 President Mikhail Gorbachev presented Ray with the Medal of the Italian Chamber of Deputies for his services to futurology.

What he offers you

Ray projects an inspirational and breath-taking vision of the future to help your audiences navigate the hyper-competitive virtual economy. This vision is interpreted from a business, climate, social, political, and economic perspective providing a rounded view of how best to prepare your organisation for what the future holds.

How he presents

Ray is a stunningly gifted free-form speaker who requires no effects to enthral an audience! He projects real warmth and dynamism and, using plain language he cuts through complex technical issues, new innovations and business concepts. A natural inspirational orator, Ray steps into his many audiences around the world to motivate and personally inspire them.


He presents in English.

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  • The Eight Key Drivers for the Future: Augmented, Enhanced and Accelerating Human Innovation, World Population Growth, Climate Change, The Energy Crisis, The World's Poorest Billion, Globalization, Accelerating Exponential Technology Development and the Prevent-Extend model of New Medicine
  • The Future of Energy and the Social, Economic and Political Impact of Global Warming
  • The Awakening of The Global Brain: Are Google and the networked engines showing the first sign of artificial intelligence?
  • Creativity and Innovation for Driving Sustainable Profitability and Growth
  • The Future of The Media


  • Ray is an excellent speaker. He gave an interesting and thought provoking presentation, holding the audience in the palm of his hand! - Business Management School


  • 2014
    Scary:Wonderful - The Next 50 years
  • 2012
    The World in 2030 - 2012 Edition
  • 2011
    'The World In 2030' (2011 edition) describes the challenges facing business and society over the next twenty-five years
    Click HERE for more information.
  • 2006
    The Cloud - fiction, set in 2065
  • 2005
    EXtinction - fiction, set in 2056
  • 2002
    Emergence - fiction, set in 2015
  • 1996
    Digital Business - Surviving and Thriving in an On-Line World
  • 1986
    The Modern Frankenstein - genetics and cloning
  • 1984
    The On-Line Handbook. The world's first book to identify the potential of the internet



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