Find a Speaker

Speaker Management

With the perfect speaker selected we brief the speaker with your goals and requirements. We arrange a briefing meeting which can occur remotely, via email and telephone or by physically meeting as required. The speech itself can then be discussed and refined to ensure your communication goals are met.

Our consultants will:

  • Discuss your goals with the speaker
  • Confirm terms and book your speaker
  • Arrange a full briefing
  • Ensure all contracts are in place
  • Manage logistics
  • Provide you with full support

We want your event to be as successful as possible. Rest assured, we will do everything within our power to make this happen.

If you would like to talk about your event, please call on:
+48 321 73 02 or email us: [email protected].

May we help?

To discuss how we can help find the right speaker for your organization, contact us:

+48 58 321 73 02
[email protected]