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Daniel Sieberg

Author of 'The Digital Diet', Google's Head of Media Outreach, Award-winning Reporter & Host

Daniel Sieberg is Google's Head of Media Outreach and official spokesperson based in New York City. At their offices worldwide, Daniel manages projects & teams related to Google's marketing strategy, partnerships / sponsorships and media outreach on services including geo-related tools, search, trends, Google+ / YouTube and data visualization. He also trains journalists on how to use the suite of Google tools for newsgathering, analytics and brand building.

"Business Broadcasting All-Star' Portfolio magazine"

Daniel Sieberg

In detail

Prior to joining Google, Daniel was an Emmy-nominated TV correspondent / host whose work covering science and technology across four continents having appeared on CBS News, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC, BBC News, NPR, PBS, The Daily, Al Jazeera English, CNET, the Discovery Channel, Bloomberg, Planet Green, Oprah.com, The Nate Berkus Show, The Dr. Oz Show, Details, the Washington Post and the Vancouver Sun. He has been named a Peabody winner for his work with CNN's coverage of Hurricane Katrina, and garnered numerous accolades in reporting including a Webby award of distinction and a Wilbur.

What he offers you

Daniel Sieberg explores better tech management, examines ways to streamline the use of everyday devices like smart phones and heightens awareness of how technology affects our (real) lives and those around us. His research crosses several avenues of technology, business and society. With his finger firmly on the pulse of the digital age, Daniel uses his considerable expertise to offer business audiences useful, actionable strategies covering marketing, social media, new technologies and the environment.

How he presents

Daniel Sieberg has been a featured speaker at events all over the world. With a captivating style, humour and wisdom, he entertains, informs and motivates global corporate audiences.


He presents in English.

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  • Is It Time For A Digital Diet?
  • Moderation and Managing Technology in a Connected Society
  • Security in a Digital Age
  • Marketing in a Digital Age
  • Social Media in a Digital Age
  • What's Hot Now: Trends, Future Gadgets and Looking Ahead
  • The Importance of Happiness in Today's Connected World


  • 2011
    The Digital Diet: the four-step plan to break your tech addiction and regain balance in your life


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