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Martin Lindstrom

Brand Management Expert

Martin Lindstrom is a world leading expert on branding. Since defining ten revolutionary branding rules he has provided brand-building advice to a host of international organisations. His latest book 'Buy.ology' looks at how the brain interprets branding. It is on the back of a $7 million study that draws on data from 2000 test subjects and looks at a variety of industries. The global study also looks at regional differences and brings to light a lot of fascinating new information and many misconceptions that we have held in the past in the way companies brand their business. TIME magazine announced that Martin was selected as one of the world's 100 most influential people of 2009.

A Master on the Power of Brands

Martin Lindstrom

In detail

Until 2001 he was world-wide Chief Operating Officer for BTLookSmart. He is founder and CEO of ZIVO, Australia/Asia's largest Internet solution company, and co-founder of BBDO Interactive Europe - later renamed Framfab - Europe's largest Internet solution company. He is also a member of several international boards including Wotch, Hitwise and eKit.com. Martin has published a number of books that have focused on Branding notably ' Clicks, Bricks and Brands' and more recently 'Brand Sense', which looks at the correlation of how our 5 senses influence our buying decisions.

What he offers you

Martin Lindstrom has been on the speaking circuit for a number of years. A visionary and an educator in the rapidly growing field of on- and off-line branding, he unveils how to use emerging techniques for building strong, international brands. From his latest work, the concept of sensory branding, the untapped branding potential, you will learn how to identify the next generation of brand building as well as the required step by step actions on how to establish a solid sensory branding strategy.

How he presents

His high energy and brain power are truly infectious. You will be roused into action by his stimulating presentations. He also delivers consultancy packages, in-house training and 1 to 1 consultancy.


He presents in English and Danish.

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  • ROI Branding - Why Isn't My Brand Working?
  • B2B Branding - Ensure Growth Through Solid B2B Branding
  • Step 1-2-3 Branding - How to Build a Brand from Scratch
  • Contextual Branding - When Brands Turn Intelligent
  • Sensory Branding - The Untapped Branding
  • Branding Asia - Understand the Asian Market Potential


  • Martin was very professional and gave an excellent performance. Expectations were high, but he exceeded them - Exhibition Organisers


  • 2011
  • 2008
    Buyology - Truth and Lies About Why We Buy (published in 36 languages on launch)
  • 2005
  • 2003
  • 2001
    Clicks, Bricks and Brands
  • 1999
    Brand Building on the Internet
  • 1994
    Why Trade Marketing?


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