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Tom Oliver

Artist, Businessman and New Generation Business Leader

A visionary and expert in CSR, Tom Oliver combines the creativity of an artist with the best practices in global marketing. He has been termed a "gateway to millions of next generation trend setters and early adopters". His expertise is sought after by the best business schools in the world from Manchester to Harvard.

"An extraordinary leader! We are very grateful to have leaders like Tom" Deepak Chopra, worldwide bestselling author

Tom Oliver

In detail

The most pressing challenges we are facing today - from climate change and the global financial crisis to conflicts and scarce resources - create the urgent need for visionaries to emerge and point us the way to a new global paradigm shift. Tom Oliver is one such example of the growing class of philanthrocapitalists, such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, who, in the genre of new business leaders, bring creative solutions to world problems. It is this direction which ties in with Tom's holistic approach and the underlying theme which runs through the very heart of what he delivers so expertly - Corporate Social Responsibility.

What he offers you

Tom draws appropriately from his vast personal expertise and in-depth experience in disciplines such as the creative arts, sports, music, writing, business, entrepreneurship and global philanthropy to show us how to apply a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. He employs an eclectic approach and challenges us to redefine problems outside of normal boundaries to reach holistic solutions that are based on a new understanding of complex situations in business, the economy and society at large.

How he presents

Tom's passion as a speaker is contagious and his charisma and entrepreneurial spirit shine through in all he does. His presentations are a highlight at the most prestigious conferences around the globe.


He presents in English, German, Italian, French & Portuguese.

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  • Entrepreneurship and Visionary Corporate Leadership
  • How to Turn Any Business Into a Powerhouse of Innovation
  • How to Develop and Sell a Compelling Corporate Vision
  • How to Attract the Top People as Employees
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Paradigm Shifts, Globalisation and Interdependence
  • How the Lessons from the Creative Arts can be Applied to Make any Business More Profitable


  • CSA Celebrity Speakers is a proud partner of the WPF.
    The World Peace Festival launched in 2011 was a massively successful event
  • Founder and CEO of the World Peace Festival and the World Peace Partnership
  • Founder and Chair of the Leadership Circle at the Manchester Business School
  • Creator together with Deepak Chopra of The Billion Challenge, using cutting edge technologies to engage 1 billion people around the planet
  • Member of the Global Philanthropists Circle, founded by David Rockefeller
  • Founder and CEO of Resources for Peace, using business as a catalyst for change
  • Currently writing a book on ethics in business and visionary leadership, highlighting the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach in the solution of global and business problems



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