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Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz

Former Polish Deputy Prime and Finance Minister & President of the National Bank (until 2006)

Leszek Balcerowicz served as Deputy Prime Minister responsible for economic matters and Finance Minister in the first and second post-communist government. With a vast knowledge in economics and other social sciences, he stood behind the changes which led to the historical transformation from command economy to the market and from dictatorship to democracy. He successfully dealt with hyperinflation, foreign debt crisis, extreme imbalances in the economy, and social and political tensions related to the introduction of reforms. He is the only Central/Eastern European member of the prestigious financial advisory body Group of Thirty. He received the 2014 Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty, a biennial award presented by Cato Institute for achievement in promoting freedom and individual liberty.

Practitioner and Academic: unique combination of skills and experience

Leszek Balcerowicz

In detail

Leszek Balcerowicz is currently Professor of Economics at the prestigious Warsaw School of Economics. He is one of the most respected and internationally acclaimed experts on the economic reforms and financial crisis and one of the leading economic voices navigating through the post-crisis reality. Professor Balcerowicz is Honorary Chairman of Bruegel - a Brussels think tank devoted to policy research on international economic issues. In 2008-09 he was a member of "De Larosiere" a high-level expert group on financial supervision in the EU.

What he offers you

As a leading economic practitioner, dominant strategist and prolific author, Professor Balcerowicz's versatile knowledge and experience offer an eye-opening assessment of the issues of stability and economic growth in various countries. His clear view of the economic and social development, stamina in the face of intellectual opposition and courage to be critical of mainstream economics and establishment, bring genuine insight and advice.

How he presents

Professor Balcerowicz presents with clarity and determination. He is engaging and captivating, challenging conventional wisdom and encouraging audiences to reach insightful conclusions.


He presents in English and Polish.

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  • European Economic Reforms
  • Opportunities in Expanding Europe
  • Polish and European Economics
  • The Road to Europe
  • Economics and Ethics
  • Experience of Leadership
  • How to Launch Radical Reforms
  • Welfare State Economics


  • 2013
    Discovering Freedom
  • 2012
    Barriers to Entry and Growth of New Firms in Early Transition
  • 2006
    Living Standards and the Wealth of Nations
  • 2002
    Post-Communist Transition: Some Lessons
  • 1996
    Socialism, Capitalism, Transformation
  • 1998
    Enterprise Exit Processes in Transition Economies: Downsizing, Workouts and Liquidation


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