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Roman Polko

Former Deputy Chief of the Polish National Security Bureau (BBN) and commander of GROM Polish special forces

Roman Polko is one of the most successful generals in the Polish Army. For several years he has served as a commander of GROM Polish special forces. Highly respected as a leader and decision maker, he took part in various missions, including Yugoslavia and Kosovo, also in several military actions in Irak, which led to the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Highly experienced and talented leader

Roman Polko

In detail

General Roman Polko began his military career in reconnaissance unit in Dziwnowo and Lubliniec, where he served as a commander of commando groups. He served in the position of a Senior Operation Officer in Red Berets special forces unit in Krakow, also as a commander of the "18th Landing-Assault Battalion" from Bielsko-Biala, which was a part of the Polish military contingent in the NATO KFOR forces in Kosovo. In 2000 he became the commander of GROM, Polish most successful and experienced special forces. He commanded the GROM unit behind enemy lines in Iraq, during the Operation Iraqi Freedom. In August 2007 General Polko became acting chief of National Security Bureau. Highly respected as an expert in terrorism and national security issues, General Polko has been a key advisor to the President of Warsaw and the Minister of National Affairs and Administration.

What he offers you

Roman Polko is an experienced speaker and business facilitator. For over seven years he has been advising to top managers of Polish and foreign companies and organizations. He shares his insight on how to become a good leader and manage team in difficult, turbulent times. Staying opposite to the military stereotype of using force as the best solution, he presents most successful forms of persuasion and motivation. He advises how to build a team, set goals, make strategic decisions, and most importantly, he inspires to take a look at an organization from a different point of view.

How he presents

In charismatic and passionate style, General Polko provides audience with content rich, highly informative lectures, often supported by numerous personal stories and case studies. General presents with ease and humor, allowing interaction with audience.


He presents in Polish .

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  • Leadership
  • Team Building and Teamwork
  • Motivation to Succeed
  • Crisis Management
  • Building Strategy and Goals Setting
  • Risk Analysis
  • Negotiations
  • Global Safety & Terrorism

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