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Nick Ross

Television Presenter and Conference Moderator

Nick Ross is widely regarded as one of the best conference moderators in the world. He has been a member of leading medical and scientific and ethics committees and has wide experience of industry and commerce. He has a broad knowledge of IS issues, telecoms, financial service industries, IPR, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and is experienced in promoting corporate vision and strategy, change programmes and restructuring, customer focus, and total quality initiatives.

"One of Britain's most versatile and experienced broadcasters."

Nick Ross

In detail

Nick Ross is best known in the UK as a broadcaster specialising in live programmes. He presented The World Tonight and Newsdesk while still in his twenties and became a household name in the 1980s when launching Breakfast TV, Watchdog and Crimewatch. He was one of the UK's most prolific broadcasters across a wide range of issues, specialising at various times in news, current affairs, politics, and crime, with several forays into lighter fields including chat shows and quizzes.

What he offers you

If you are looking for the best, whether to stimulate ideas or achieve consensus, in small groups of top executives, gatherings of the entire workforce and suppliers, public consultations or events like London's mayoral candidate debates, Nick Ross can add considerable value with humour, intelligence, and business and political expertise.

How he presents

An accomplished moderator, Nick Ross is able to involve audiences in open debate even in large and difficult environments, and is used regularly as a consultant in planning events to ensure they are lively and fulfil their aims.


He presents in English.

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  • Host/Moderator
  • Health and Bioethics
  • Science
  • Crime Prevention and Security
  • Fire Prevention
  • Environment
  • Road Safety


  • Nick was excellent. He gave a very informed speech, in a challenging but very approachable style - Government Department


  • 2013
    Crime: How to Solve It and Why So Much of What We're Told is Wrong

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