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Marek Belka

Former President of The National Bank of Poland

Marek Belka is a Professor of Economics, a leading adviser with a vast political experience. He was a research fellow at the Columbia and Chicago Universities, as well as at the London School of Economics. In addition to his role in Poland’s politics and economy, he held numerous high-ranking positions within the international community, including the United Nations and World Bank.

Marek Belka

In detail

Professor Belka served twice as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. From May 2004 to October 2005, he served as Prime Minister of Poland. In 2010 Professor Belka was approved by the Polish Parliament as President of The National Bank of Poland and Chairman of the Monetary Policy Council. In 2003 he served as Chairman of the Council for International Coordination for Iraq and as Director of Economic Policy in the Coalition Provisional Authority, where he was responsible for the currency reform, the development of a new banking system and the supervision of the Iraqi economy. From 2006 to 2008 he held office in the United Nations as Executive Secretary of Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in Geneva. From November 2011 to October 2015, Governor Belka chaired the World Bank/IMF Development Committee. Also, he has been a Member of the Steering Committee of the European Systemic Risk Board and he has chaired the Vienna 2.0 Initiative Steering Committee.

What he offers you

Professor Belka has published over 100 scientific papers devoted primarily to the theory of money and anti-inflation policy in developing countries. He specializes in applied economics and contemporary economic thought.

How he presents

Professor Belka’s speaking style, experience and capacity to fully explain and discuss current global issues have contributed to his reputation and high demand.


He presents in Polish and English.

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  • Economic Development
  • Politics and Economy
  • Economic Reforms
  • Inflation
  • European & Global Economy
  • Leadership

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