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Benedict Allen

Pioneering Explorer, Author & TV Filmmaker - Presenter

Benedict Allen, one of Britain's most prominent explorers, is best known for his arduous expeditions to remote corners of the globe without the help of any technology back-up and surviving against all the odds in adverse conditions. By not using a film-crew and pioneering the use of a hand-held video camera, he allowed millions of people around the world to witness for the first time adventures unfolding genuinely in inhospitable terrain and has paved the way for the current generation of TV adventurers.

"Benedict is part of the history of television" Mark Thompson, Director General, BBC

Benedict Allen

In detail

Benedict studied Environmental Science at the University of East Anglia, where he managed to undertake three scientific expeditions during his final year. After a short stay at University of Aberdeen he undertook his first independent expedition, a crossing from the mouth of the Orinoco to the mouth of the Amazon. A string of expeditions followed including crossings of the Amazon, Africa, The Gobi Desert and Siberia. His adventures are depicted in his books which include 2 best-sellers and six BBC television series.

What he offers you

Benedict Allen has experience of surviving adversity in some of the world's most remote location. An accomplished adventurer, he uses his experiences to inspire and motivate audiences around the globe to achieve their own personal goals and shows that is it possible to succeed even when faced with adversity.

How he presents

With that rare ability to enthral and educate audiences with a great story, Benedict's presentations are a balanced mix of entertaining anecdotes and inspirational messages where he guides audiences through a world of adventure and emotion.


He presents in English.

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  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Achieving the Impossible
  • Surviving Against the Odds


  • 2006
    Into the Abyss
  • 2002
    The Faber Book of Exploration
  • 2000
    Last of the Medicine Men
  • 1998
    The Edge of Blue Heaven - a journey through Mongolia
  • 1997
    The Skeleton Coast - a journey through the Namib Desert
  • 1996
    More Great Railway Journeys
  • 1994
    Through Jaguar Eyes - crossing the Amazon Basin
  • 1991
    The Proving Grounds - a journey through the interior of New Guinea and Australia
  • 1989
    Hunting the Gugu - in search of the Lost Ape-men of Sumatra
  • 1987
    Into the Crocodile's Nest - a journey inside New Guinea
  • 1985
    Mad White Giant - a journey to the heart of Amazon Jungle


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