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                                        Speaker News

                                        Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, about
                                        diversification and innovation in
                                        Nigeria, highlighting the importance
                                        of IT, especially in helping create
                                        jobs for young people and economic
                                        growth and opportunities for
                                        entrepreneurship. n

GAME-CHANGING DEAL                                                              2016 HOT TOPICS
                                        FT & MCKINSEY BUSINESS                  Stéphane Garelli is a Professor at
Saturday 11th December 2015 saw         BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD                  both the International Institute for
an historic international climate       WINNER                                  Management Development (IMD),
agreement signed by negotiators                                                 and at the University of Lausanne,
from 195 countries. This heralds a      The winner of the 2015 FT & McKinsey    Director of The World Competitiveness
new dawn in collaborative working by    Business Book of the Year Award is      Yearbook, the most renowned annual
a multitude of nations and may well be  The Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford.  analysis of the competitiveness of
the catalyst for future-proofing        Founder of a Silicon Valley software    nations and a reference for government
the planet. The COP21 United Nations    development company, Martin suggests    and business leaders around the world.
climate summit in Paris took place      “a fundamental restructuring of our     Stéphane has an outstanding ability to
over 13 days, during which time         economic rules” may be required to      read today’s global economic picture
Lord Nicholas Stern leading global      lessen the impact of the advance of     better than anyone else. We share
economist and Chairman of the LSE       robotics and automation. The judges     with you here some of his Agenda for
Grantham Institute on Climate           were not unanimous in their decision,   2016 hot topics:
Change said “This gives us a strong     questioning the proposed solutions;
sense of direction [on investing in     however none of them questioned the     •	 The ‘New Normal’: weaker growth,
a low-carbon economy]. This is a        force of the argument. n                      elusive recovery, cost efficiency
big change.” Meanwhile for the first
time 22 countries are taking action to                                          •	 Emerging economies: from
protect the world’s oceans, with the                                                  economic slowdown to corporate
creation of the Because the Ocean                                                     debt?
declaration. José María Figueres,
Chairman of the Carbon War Room                                                 •	 New brands: intensifying from
and Co-Chair of the Global Ocean                                                      disruptive technologies and
Commission said “The creation of                                                      emerging markets
this group highlights the importance
of the ocean for the climate and the                                            •	 Currencies: US dollar still a world
importance of the climate for the                                                     leader; Chinese Yuan stepping in
                                                                                •	 Business models: B to C, B to B,
José María Figueres has also been                                                     and now Consumers to Consumers
in the spotlight, talking with Steve                                                  (Uberization)

                                                                                •	 Consumers: from “I need it” to
                                                                                      “I want it” to “I have to have it”
                                                                                      (peer pressure). n

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