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Lars Engman

Former Design director at IKEA

Lars Engman is considered a national and international player within the field of design. For over 31 years Engman has worked in different roles within product development and design at IKEA. As their Design Manager he has developed an extensive, international IKEA network of design schools and designers. He is also a member of the board of the Swedish Institute and of the Swedish Research Council.

"Trends change, but needs remain the same. All of us still need to sit, eat and sleep. It's about doing your own thing without looking over your shoulder at what others are doing."

Lars Engman

In detail

Prior to becoming Design Manager at IKEA Lars enjoyed a varied career in design - from designer at KF Interior in Stockholm to heading the Design Studio Copenhagen for IKEA in collaboration with Niels Gammelgaard. He is also on the board of several education councils including Lund University, Växjö University and Borås University. He was proxy for Professor Gunilla Bandolin in the field of humanities and social science at the Swedish Research Council.

What he offers you

In his presentations he asks “What is design?” He also explains IKEA’s vision to create a better standard of life for as many people as possible by examining the multi dimensional thinking and innovation frameworks used throughout IKEA’s design process. He also explains how IKEA is able to stay true to its vision and successfully translate contemporary design ideas into functional products at affordable prices.

How he presents

An experienced speaker Mr Engman’s presentations are well thought through, cleverly put together and appeal to everybody – not unlike his designs.


He presents in English and Swedish.

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  • What is Design?
  • Multidimensional Thinking
  • Innovation
  • IKEA’s Design Processes

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