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Brian Eno

Legendary music producer

Brian Eno is an ambient pioneer, glam rocker, hit producer, multimedia artist, technological innovator, world beat proponent, and self-described non-musician, over the course of his long, prolific, and immensely influential career. Determining his creative pathways with the aid of a deck of instructional, tarot-like cards called Oblique Strategies, Eno championed theory over practice, serendipity over forethought, and texture over craft; in the process, he forever altered the ways in which music is approached, composed, performed, and perceived, and everything from punk to techno to new age bears his unmistakable influence.

One of popular music's most influential artists

Brian Eno

In detail

Brian Eno's professional music career began in London, as a member (1971-1973) of the glam/art rock band Roxy Music, He also introduced the concept of chance music to popular audiences, partially through collaborations with other musicians. Eno pursues multimedia ventures in parallel to his music career, including art installations, a regular column on society and innovation in Prospect magazine. He continues to collaborate with other musicians, produce records, release his own music and write.

What he offers you

Brian has a charming, commonsense speaking style and a wealth of wisdom and stories from his years in the music industry that give his presentations immense practical value.

How he presents

A charismatic speaker, Brian's speeches are always cultured, entertaining and revealing, he motivates and inspires audiences worldwide.


He presents in English.

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  • Generative Music
  • Creativity
  • Innovation


  • 2013 Brian Eno: Visual Music
  • 2009 What Have You Changed Your Mind About?: Today's Leading Minds Rethink Everything
  • 1996 A Year with Swollen Appendices: The Diary of Brian Eno

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